9 Unique Exercise Routines For Burning Body Fat

9 Unique Exercise Routines For Burning Body Fat

9 Unique Exercise Routines-Do you know how to burn body fat? This article will tell you about 9 unique exercise routines that can help you lose weight and improve your health. (9 Unique Exercise Routines For Burning Body Fat) Weight loss is a hot topic these days. Everyone wants to lose weight and become fit.

1.Walking Exercise

Walking is a very good exercise that helps you to lose weight, and reduces weight and it has many benefits. You can burn 70 to 75 calories of your body just by walking 4 kilometers, you can reduce your weight by walking at least 2 kilometers daily. Talking about other benefits, walking can control blood pressure and heart-related diseases are also reduced.

2. Cycling

Cycling is very beneficial for our health, strengthens our muscles and keeps the heart healthy, also keeps our blood circulation fine, also a great exercise to burn calories and also proves to be very helpful in reducing weight.

3. Swimming

Generally everyone knows swimming is very helpful in burning calories,

when the body burns calories, it is imperative to lose weight, But what most people don’t know is that it’s like walking on a treadmill, depending on the stroke you choose and your speed. Swimming can burn fewer or more calories than running. Swimming 30 minutes a day can burn about 440 calories from the body.

4. push up

Increasing weight or obesity can cause many types of problems. To overcome this problem, doing push ups can be beneficial. In people who do push ups, heart problems as well as obesity problems can be reduced to a great extent.

5. Aerobics

If you want to reduce belly fat without going to the gym, then you can do some high-intensity aerobic workouts. These workouts are effective, simple, fun and great for burning maximum calories.

6. Zumba

Some fun workouts can also do wonders for your health. Zumba workout is a high-intensity exercise. It helps in improving cardiovascular fitness, lowering cholesterol and lowering blood sugar level and melting belly fat faster. So, put on some music and get started with some Zumba workouts now.

7.Windshield wipers

To do this exercise, lie down on your back and keep both your hands on the side. Now bend your knees. With your bent knees, raise the legs in half, then bring them while turning to the right.

Try not to raise your hands while taking the legs to one side, keep them on the ground, then bring your feet to the left side. Repeat this process 5-10 times. As your capacity increases, you can increase it accordingly. This will make your body turn from side to side, which will put pressure on the stomach and reduce your belly fat.

8. Skydiver

To do this exercise, you lie down on your stomach. Now bend the legs from the knees and keep the hands like the shoulders. Now try to raise your legs according to your ability, raise your hands as if you are flying in the air
Then come back to your old position and repeat this process again,

do this at least 6-7 times and then keep increasing it according to your capacity. By doing this your abdominal muscles get stretched, which helps in reducing belly fat.

9. Weight Loss, Toning & Wellness


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