The Basis of a Happy Life: Health

The Basis of a Happy Life: Health

Cleanliness is the most important thing in our life. If we want to be healthy, then we should take special care of our body’s cleanliness and food and drink this is the first formula of our life, Because only the face of a healthy and clean person shines, which makes him look stunning and attractive. In a clean environment our mind is full of joy and gaiety. We look forward to working even the toughest with double zeal. On the contrary, an unhealthy person remains sad and irritable. They do not feel like doing any work of an unhealthy person. A healthy mind and mind reside in a healthy body.

Now the question arises here that how to stay healthy?

In short the answer is that we can remain healthy only by taking care of cleanliness. Cleanliness is not enough only for body and mind. Take care of the cleanliness of your house and all the places around it. There are tiny pores in our skin, Sweat comes out of these pores. If we do not keep our body clean, then dust and soil can accumulate on our body. Then sweating stops due to which we can get various diseases. We should take bath daily and keep our body clean.

How should we eat.

For a healthy life, we should take special care of our food and drink. Nutritious and balanced diet is essential for good health. Our food includes cereals, pulses, vegetables, jaggery, sugar, ghee, oil, milk, curd, egg, meat and fish etc. Milk, curd and green vegetables should be eaten in more quantity. Children should always take milk and curd in sufficient quantity, because they contain more nutritious elements. We should avoid eating open things. Eat covered things and wash fruits etc.

The Basis of a Happy Life: Health

Our lifestyle and way of living.

Friends, now let’s talk about how our living conditions should be. In today’s era people’s life is hectic. Because of this diseases are more and good health is less. In this run-of-the-mill life, neither the right food nor the right sleep. It is obvious that our health will not be good. we need enough sleep. Never sleep late in the night and do not wake up late in the morning, it is the most harmful for our health. When we have made ourselves a machine, then we have to be punctual like a machine. There is no one happy in this age who thinks less of what he has, and desires more. These things also have a bad effect on our health. So be as happy as you are, be healthy, be cool. Thinking too much has also proved injurious to health.

Include these things in your life.

A little exercise and running, sweating and having fun. Traveling with friends Go on tour with your family and always keep good thoughts in your mind, stay away from bad thoughts then see how beautiful life is. Do not keep your mind towards anyone, have a loving attitude towards all. Look at the poor and weak than you and thank God you are not in their place and you also help them, all your stress will go away. Implement these things in your life believe me you will be happy.

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So friends, these were some of my thoughts which I have shared with you. I am also a human I can be mistaken, you can give me suggestions, I will follow your words. If you like my article then do comment and share with your friends.

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